Best Environmental Lawyer In Perth

If you find yourself to be in a situation where finding the Best Environmental lawyer in Perth gets difficult, then we are here to help you out with this. Below is a list of the best Perth Environmental lawyer. To help you find the best Environmental lawyer Perth located near to you, we put together our own list based on Client reviews.

Melanie Debenham

Melanie Debenham

Melanie Debenham is an expert on business-critical environment, planning, heritage and native title regulation in Australia. She assists both private and government clients understand the technical and practical impacts of complex and evolving regulation for their business.

Specialty Interests:
  • Environment, Planning and Communities
  • Native Title and Indigenous Heritage
  • Real Estate
Address: 36/250 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Phone: +61 8 9211 7560

Eve Lynch

Eve Lynch is a specialist environment, town planning and native title lawyer based in Perth. Her practice involves advisory, due diligence and litigious work for clients in the mining and resources and development industries. Eve provides advice to clients in relation to environment and planning compliance issues, including compliance with approvals and statutory obligations arising under a range of legislation.

Specialty Interests:
  • Environment and Planning
  • Climate change
  • Real estate
Address: 37/250 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Phone: +61 8 9488 3911
Eve Lynch

⇒ Lucy Shea

Lucy Shea

Lucy Shea specialises in environmental, planning and government law, and helping clients to navigate the breadth and complexities of project regulation and approval requirements in Western Australia. Lucy advises clients from all sectors, including energy and resources, industrial, agribusiness, infrastructure, government and property development clients.

Specialty Interests:
  • Planning and Environment
  • Agribusiness
  • Climate Change and Sustainability
  • Local Government
Address: Level 20/240 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Phone: +61 8 6559 6611

⇒ Jimmy Evans

Jimmy Evans combines his business acumen and law career, which spans more than 30 years. Jimmy is admitted as a legal practitioner in the Supreme Court of Western Australia. Jimmy practices in the fields of corporate law, trusts, contract law, development and environmental law, franchising and franchising law and local government aspects.

Specialty Interests:
  • Development and Environmental law
  • Contract law
  • Corporate law
Address: 3/45 Winton Rd, Joondalup WA 6027, Australia
Phone: 1300 598 900
Jimmy Evans

⇒ Graeme M. Slattery

Graeme M. Slattery

Graeme M. Slattery has 15 years’ experience assisting clients in corporate commercial disputes, regulatory investigations and prosecutions and with strategic and risk management advice. His environmental experience includes acting in very substantial investigations and prosecutions including the investigation and defence of the Esperance Port Authority against charges under the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (WA) arising from the transportation of heavy metals through the port.

Specialty Interests:
  • Environmental investigations
  • Work place accidents
  • ACCC investigations
Address: Level 21/300 Murray St, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Phone: +61 8 9429 7576

Clare Gleeson

Clare Gleeson is specialised as a town planning and environment lawyer, however since joining McAuliffe Legal, Clare has developed an interest in family law, general litigation and commercial law. She has also gained experience in a range of matters including lease drafting, wills and estates and personal injury matters.

Specialty Interests:
  • Planning and Environment law
  • Family law
  • Commercial law
Address: 4/140 Bussell Hwy, Margaret River WA 6285, Australia
Phone: (08) 9757 3300
Marie Stokes
Clare Gleeson

Nada Raphael

Nada Raphael

Nada Raphael specialise in environment, planning and administrative law. She help clients with assessing site opportunities, obtaining approvals and complying with regulatory requirements throughout the lifecycle of a project. Her works involves advising on urban renewal, energy and resource projects, and infrastructure developments.

Specialty Interests:
  • Environment and Planning
  • Administrative law
Address: Allendale Square, 77 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Phone: +61 8 6189 7800

Lee McIntosh

Lee McIntosh has more than 20 years’ experience practicing as an environmental lawyer. She has extensive experience in corporate, government and community sectors, been active in several environmental law policy and reform initiatives, lectured and tutored in environmental law and worked across all areas of environmental law assessment and approvals.

Specialty Interests:
  • Environmental law
Address: Prime House, 8 Davidson Terrace, Joondalup WA 6027, Australia
Phone: +618 6364 7000
Lee McIntosh

Paul McQueen

Paul McQueen

Paul McQueen has been in specialist legal practice for over 25 years and is a recognised leader in the areas of town planning, environmental and land compensation law. Paul is general Counsel and a partner in the Planning, Environment and Land Compensation team.

Specialty Interests:
  • Land compensation law
  • Environmental Law
Address: Level 20/1 William St, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Phone: +61 8 9288 6943

⇒ Julius Skinner

Julius Skinner is one of Western Australia’s leading planning and environment lawyers, advising clients throughout all stages of the planning and environmental approval processes. He has acted for clients across all industry sectors in respect of planning & subdivision approvals, environmental permits, Works Approvals & Licences, land acquisition & compensation, heritage, contaminated sites and all forms of regulatory compliance.

Specialty Interests:
  • Environment & Planning
  • Property
Address: Exchange Tower, Level 27, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Phone: +61 8 9404 9127
Julius Skinner

Environmental Law

Environmental law is understood to mean all legal norms that serve to protect the environment. In essence, these are laws that are expressly geared towards a specific environmental protection task. This includes the law of state environmental protection activities, such as nature conservation and landscape conservation law and soil protection law , as well as water protection law, recycling law, immission control and radiation protection law.

Environmental protection is generally recognized as an urgent task. However, there is disagreement about what ethical values ​​it is based on, including what purpose it pursues. There are therefore three levels of action in environmental protection: environmental policy, environmental economics and environmental law.

The Environmental lawyer has the following party rights:

  • Right to inspect files
  • Right to be heard
  • Right to comment on the results of the evidence process
  • Right to refuse an expert (but not an official expert, this is only possible in the context of an appeal)
  • Right to issue and service of the decision
  • Right to obtain ordinary legal remedies
  • Right to raise extraordinary legal remedies (readmission, reinstatement)
  • Assertion of the authority’s decision-making obligation
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