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Websites that are optimized for search engines can be found in organic listings on search engine result pages (SERPs) such as Google, Bing, and other major search engines. The Lawyer Source platform has been optimized for page speed, conversions, and page experience using industry best practices.  

Law firm SEO: Win clients with clever optimization

Do you have a Law firm Website? Search engine optimization (SEO) for lawyers is an effective measure to attract more clients. With SEO for lawyers, the law firm’s website is optimized in such a way that it is positioned as high as possible for relevant search terms. 

The most important SEO measures for law firm’s website include optimizing the content (on-page), sustainable link building (off-page) and optimizing the technical starting point (loading times, crawlability, etc.). A blog / magazine can also serve as an effective SEO lever to attract clients via top of the funnel searches on search engine result pages.

What's part of law firm SEO?

Why Do law firms need Lawyer SEO Services?

While in the past telephone and business directories were used or acquaintances were asked to find a lawyer, things are a bit different today. Search engines like Google are the number one place to find legal advice.

Australian these days not only “google” your symptoms, but also legal questions. Lawyer SEO (search engine optimization) makes you visible to clients here .

The Effects and Benefits of SEO for law firms:

  • You will find your clients without having to actively advertise
  • SEO corresponds to permissible advertising and marketing activities
  • Position yourself as an expert in your field in search engines
  • Stand out from the growing competition on google search
  • Become visible online in the long term and sustainably

Especially for smaller law firms, SEO offers an opportunity to assert themselves against the large and budget-strong competitors. Learn how it works here.

Keyword research: SEO factor for lawyers too

Almost 90 percent of internet users use Google for their searches. Three quarters of them only look at the first page of the search results. Your goal should therefore be to rank in the top 10 as a law firm.

You can find tons of SEO tools on the internet. In addition to paid ones such as Google Keyword Planner or Semrush, free ones such as Ubersuggest also provide a good overview of search volume, competition and click price.

Many keyword tools also suggest alternatives. It can be worthwhile to rely on niche keywords. “Divorce Lawyer Melbourne” may be less competitive than “Family Law Melbourne”.

Once you have found your keywords, you are probably wondering how often they should appear in the text.

There is no blanket answer. Various myths surrounding keyword density circulate and communicate an optimal percentage density of 2 to 7 percent. However, it should be mentioned that a natural use of keywords in the text is much more important than the actual keyword density.

Your main keywords should be in the title, H2 and H3 headings, and the top of the page. The texts must not sound artificial. After all, your potential clients want a pleasant reading experience.

Local SEO: Local authority for your law firm

If you are looking for a lawyer, do so in your area. For example, he googles for terms like “family lawyer sydney”, “construction lawyer perth” or simply “traffic lawyer in my area”.

Because of this, Google needs to know where your law firm is located. For local assignment, the search engine crawler looks for geo tags in the header. A location code tells him the position. Geo-tagging your images is another useful tool to help you get located.

However, local SEO is not limited to technical parameters. Your location is ideally part of your main keyword. Therefore, mention where you are often in the text. (e.g. “Since 2006 our law firm in Melbourne has been offering….”).

If your law firm is in a large city, the district should also appear in the keywords. Many people don’t want to drive across town for legal advice. “Attorney Contract Law Cranbourne” may bring you more traffic than “Attorney Contract Law Melbourne”.

Structure: Create clarity for potential clients

If someone is looking for legal advice, key data such as telephone number, address and opening hours are the most important. If he has to search for it laboriously, he may leave the site.

Neither Google nor your potential clients like a lack of structure. Even the main page should contain all the necessary contact information. You will be summarized again under “Contact”. A description of the access and parking options is also important.

A well-structured page also relieves your specialist staff. If your clients find all information about opening hours, prices and requirements on the Internet, you no longer have to call.

As far as the further design is concerned, you should also rely on order. Choose a logical navigation structure, for example, “Firm”, “Fields of Law”, “Judgments”, “Costs” and “Contact”.

If you cover several subject areas, each must have its own page. Divide a page into sub-pages, eg “Termination”, “Parental Leave”, “Warning” and so on.

Tip from Lawyersource

We analyzed over 100 lawyers’ websites and found that more than 60% of the websites do not meet current standards and turn off potential clients due to a lack of structure, an unprofessional look or insufficient usability. As a lawyer, it is therefore essential that you invest in a highly professional and SEO-optimized website.

Google Business profile and Lawyer Portals: Strengthen reputation through reviews

Google MyBusiness offers you the opportunity to gain visibility easily. If you fill out the profile with the necessary information such as telephone number and opening hours, your clients will get a quick overview even before they land on your page.

Ratings are also playing an increasingly important role for all service providers. Positive create trust. Therefore, ask your clients to take the time to do this if they were satisfied with you.

If you receive a negative review, respond in a friendly and professional manner. Apologize for not being able to help and promise to heed the criticisms in the future.

Lawyer portals such as also help your ranking. Not only are more and more people looking for legal advice on these platforms. Linking and mentioning on the platforms will also give you more Google visibility if your law firm is listed there.

Tip from Lawyersource

A well-maintained Google MyBusiness account is also an important local SEO ranking factor for lawyers and other service providers. Your listing should always contain up-to-date and consistent information about your law firm.

FAQ, Laws and Judgments: Demonstrate your expertise

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Civil Code, the Road Traffic Act or the Commercial Code: For most laypeople, law is a closed book. In addition, court decisions are constantly changing case law.

Lawyers who rank highly for their pages and are successful in the field of SEO explain their area of ​​expertise. Relevant court decisions, interesting cases, a glossary or the most frequently asked questions generate traffic. In addition, you distinguish yourself as an expert.

Technical SEO for Lawyers: Visibility and Ease of Use

Technical SEO parameters are also relevant for lawyers. They ensure that Google can index the page quickly. If they are not optimized, even the best content will not help. The most important adjustment screws are:

  • A good loading speed
  • Meaningful metadata (meta title and meta description )
  • A “talking” URL that contains keywords
  • Mobile optimization for smartphones and tablets
  • High-quality image descriptions (alt attributes)

If you have little experience in SEO on-page optimization , you may find technical optimization difficult.

A quick recipe for successful SEO optimization for lawyers

  1. Informative, interesting content
  2. Relevant keywords
  3. Clear navigation structure
  4. Modern design
  5. Detailed presentation with vita
  6. Professional photos
  7. Google Business entry and profiles on specialist portals
  8. Technical SEO Optimization

Editorial Distribution & Social Media

Distribution & Social Media


You may improve your search engine ranking by submitting your website to various directories and databases. It is important to ensure that these directories exercise a degree of editorial discretion. With Lawyer Source’s resources, you will be able to build web citations for your business through Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) and the leading business, legal, and local directories, all while promoting NAP (name, address, and phone) data consistency.

Social Media

Utilize social media to cross-promote content and optimize links for SEO. As part of your social media profiles, you can link to your website and blog, share content across multiple platforms as appropriate, and feature key content on your website.

Work with the Best

Our clients’ success is our top priority. By strengthening your branding and online visibility, we can enhance your marketing ROI through a free telephone consultation.

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If your law firm enjoys high visibility in search engines like Google, you will continually attract new clients. 

You have the opportunity to position yourself strongly for lucrative services and to optimize the quality of your clients through sophisticated content marketing strategies.

However, before you implement our instructions for SEO optimization of your law firm’s website, you should ask yourself whether an ideal basis is already in place.

We are often asked by law firms who want to optimize their content for Google but have an outdated website that is not designed for online marketing performance.

Google will introduce the Core Web Vitals in 2021. In short, this means that the user experience continues to come to the fore. A website optimized for users and a perfect UX (user experience) is therefore usually the first step in ensuring that Google loves your law firm website and positions it at the top of the search.

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