How lawyers get more clients with Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most effective marketing channels in online marketing. Of course, Google Ads is also interesting for lawyers and law firms. However, many law firms are reluctant to rely on this marketing channel. Too expensive, too inefficient, not the right client requests. And it’s true: Google Ads (and Microsoft Bing) on ​​topics related to legal advice and law firms is relatively expensive.

Online marketing for lawyers

The broad topic and the associated number of search terms and target groups makes it complex to distinguish relevant search queries from irrelevant ones.

In addition, the search for the right law firm and the right lawyer can take some time. The so-called customer journey can therefore be long and winding, which also does not make it easier to align the advertising campaigns.

In view of these challenges, many law firms still do not really dare to use Google Ads for law firm marketing.

This is a missed opportunity, because if you use Google Ads precisely tailored to the needs of your own law firm, it can be enormously efficient.

online marketing
PPC Management

PPC Management

For more potential clients on your website

We will find your clients in every city for every area of ​​law.

We ensure maximum visibility of your law firm when potential clients are looking for topics and help in your area of ​​law.

Every day many people search Google for a lawyer in your city. Through search engine optimization and placing an ad on Google Ads, you can draw the attention of these potential clients to your law firm and win them over as new clients.

Adapt to the behavior of your clients and be present online at all times.

potential clients

Become the No. 1 law firm in your city

Becaming no 1 law firm

Search engine optimization is also of great importance in online marketing for lawyers and law firms. We ensure that your law firm’s website is optimally found by Google and that you gain more clients through your law firm’s website.

Every day, thousands of people search Google for a lawyer in their city and area of ​​practice.

By placing an ad on Google Ads, we draw the attention of these potential clients to your law firm when it really counts. At the moment of the search. This is how Google Ads becomes your best channel for client acquisition.

Why Google Ads for Lawyers?

“With Google Ads, your digital advertising will appear on Google at the precise moment a potential client is searching for your area of ​​law and expertise. There is no more efficient way to grow your practice.”

Keywords that will make your phone ring!

You can put your online client acquisition via Google AdWords for lawyers and law firms in our hands with peace of mind.
For you, clicks are costs that arise with advertising on Google. To keep these costs as low as possible, we optimize your campaign for keywords that generate qualified calls and contact requests. 

Due to our focus on lawyers, we know exactly which search terms deliver the best results for the respective area of ​​law. The pool of terms we already use is continuously optimized through analysis of the campaigns and further investigations (so-called “keyword research”).

Targeted strategies for effective client acquisition

If you choose us, you will not only receive effective Google AdWords campaigns for your law firm, but also a partner who will help you to understand Google AdWords for lawyers & law firms and the digital marketing world, ongoing information on the competitive situation and helpful tips to increase your website effectiveness.

A successful campaign via Google AdWords for Lawyers & Law Firms requires an understanding of your needs. Our package for supporting AdWords campaigns for lawyers and law firms therefore also includes close personal support.

Optimized Landing Pages

Optimizing each landing page’s content and layout increases client contact conversions and maximizes the value of the clicks. Conversion rates on PPC ads increase when the landing pages are customized to the ad copy and designed to make it easy for visitors to contact the law firm. The more relevant these pages are to the search query, the more likely they are to capture the conversion. We create the PPC campaigns so that each ad group leads to a relevant landing page, thereby increasing the likelihood of visitors contacting the law firm.

Targeted strategies

Why AdWords works

  • Perfect timing : You reach clients exactly when they are looking for a lawyer.
  • Maximum flexibility : You can stop, pause or reactivate ad serving at any time.
  • Optimization : Based on the measured results, the campaign can be continuously optimized according to your specifications.
  • Performance for money : You only pay when a user clicks on your ads. The mere display of the ads is free of charge.
  • Optimum cost control : You can decide for yourself how much you want to pay per click and how high your daily or monthly budget should be.
  • Full transparency : You know exactly how much you spent on the campaign and how many client contacts it generated.
  • No waste coverage : You can specify exactly which search terms, in which target region, on which end devices and at what time of day and time your adverts should appear.

The number of competing campaigns is usually very high for lawyers, as many law firms have recognized the great potential of Google AdWords. In large cities and for search terms from legal areas such as labor or criminal law, click prices of more than five euros are therefore not uncommon.

Google AdWords for Lawyers & Law Firms

Free advice without obligation

Our Google AdWords analysis is free of charge and non-binding for you. Promised!

Listening well is half the success

A successful Google AdWords analysis is defined by an understanding of your industry. Together we achieve more!

Benefit in the long term

We will explain to you in a way that you can understand what you need to pay attention to in the long term in order to manage your campaign profitably!

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