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If you find yourself to be in a situation where finding the Best Construction lawyer in Canberra gets difficult, then we are here to help you out with this. Below is a list of the best Canberra Construction lawyer. To help you find the best Construction lawyer Canberra located near to you, we put together our own list based on Client reviews.

Tom Cleary

Tom Cleary

Tom Cleary spent his formative years in Sydney where he achieved a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce double degree before his recent move to Canberra. He was admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales in early 2020. His experience entails a broad range of commercial law matters including those in the construction, property and aviation industries. When matters naturally become complex, Tom focuses on providing his clients with a clear legal understanding through a personable and logical approach.

Specialty Interests:
  • Construction
  • Commercial Law
Address: 1/1 Farrell Pl, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
Phone: +61262301999

Michael Chin

Michael Chin is a Special Counsel in our Canberra Office. He has a wide litigation practice in relation to: Claims by plaintiffs for personal injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and professional negligence; Disputes in contracts, property and commercial transactions, building and construction, business sale agreements, residential and commercial conveyancing issues, and leasing issues; He has been in private practice in Canberra and Darwin for more than 17 years. He has had experience as the principal of his own firm in Darwin, as the Darwin resident partner of a large Adelaide firm, as a Consultant in the Canberra office of a national law firm and now as Special Counsel in a rapidly growing firm which includes native speakers of Cantonese, Mandarin, and Korean as well as English.

Specialty Interests:
  • Construction law
  • Probate & Wills Disputes
  • Commercial Transactions
Address: 40 Marcus Clarke St, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
Phone: +611300416749
Michael Chin

John Harris

John Harris

John Harris is a founding partner of O’Connor Harris Barristers and Solicitors and has been a practicing solicitor for over 40 years in Canberra. John studied at the Australian National University, graduating in 1976. The majority of his time is spent working in Commercial law, Property law, Family law and Building and Construction law, however he is not limited to these areas. He enjoys the wide variety of work that O’Connor Harris allows him to undertake, and the constant challenges.

Specialty Interests:
  • Construction Law
  • Family Law
  • Property Law
Address: Level 6/161 London Cct, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
Phone: +61262476077

⇒ Michael Terry-Whitall

Michael Terry-Whitall Since becoming a lawyer, he has carved an impressive career predominantly in construction litigation at large commercial law firms where he is well known for his aggressive approach which balanced by his ability to identify and achieve commercial outcomes for his clients. While his will to win is admirable, it is his team mentality that now makes he a perfect member of Chamberlains. Based in Sydney, he heads up our Building and Construction Litigation team in both Sydney and Canberra and can be found regularly in the Supreme Courts of both jurisdictions. He is also a member of the Society of Construction Law Australia.

Specialty Interests:
  • Building & Construction
Address: 224 Bunda St, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
Phone: +61261883600
Michael Terry-Whitall

⇒Caitlin Holloway

Caitlin Holloway

Caitlin Holloway started he legal career in Melbourne before moving to complete her studies in Canberra and working at another Canberra firm before joining Aulich Since starting here ass a paralegal and while finishing her Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of Canberra. She has been an integral part of the Aulich Civil Law team. Like her mentor, Erin Taylor, she is passionate about litigation and building and construction law and is well and truly on the pathway a become a leading litigator.

Specialty Interests:
  • Building and Construction Law
  • Litigation
Address: Ground Floor, 1 Farrell Pl, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
Phone: +61262794222

Paul Green

Paul Greenis a legal stalwart with an impressive career spanning more than 25 years. Prior to that, he had a successful career as an infantry officer in the Australian Regular Army. He commenced his legal career at Meyer Boettcher and Clapham. He has extensive experience in providing high-level expert advice to businesses, property developers, government departments, builders and financial institutions, both domestically as well as internationally. In his previous firm Paul was on the panel of a number of major banks. He is experienced in acting for both private and government organisations with regard to the structuring of complex transactions; tax and stamp duty advice; business, land and construction contracts; commercial leasing; and finance.

Specialty Interests:
  • Construction LAw
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Finance
Address: Ground Floor/86 Northbourne Ave, Braddon ACT 2612, Australia
Phone: +61261812900
Paul Green

⇒ Archie Tsirimokos

Archie Tsirimokos

Archie Tsirimokos He is responsible for ensuring the provision of consistently high-quality advice throughout the practice and has broad-ranging legal expertise. He believes that an understanding of what clients want is critical to achieving excellence. His application of this approach has gained him a far-reaching respect among his peers and resulted in a loyal client base that includes some of the ACT’s largest corporate developers, investors and financial institutions. He is an expert in commercial law, property development and building and construction law.

Specialty Interests:
  • Construction Law
  • Property Law & Leasing
  • Commercial Law & Contracting
Address: EY Building, Level 2/121 Marcus Clarke St, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
Phone: +61262794444

⇒ Duncan Harrington

Duncan Harrington is a qualified Bachelor of Laws from UC, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. A Canberra local, Duncan is our managing partner. He oversees all of the firm’s practice areas as well as acting for clients across different fields of law. ​

Specialty Interests:
  • Building and Construction
  • Conveyancing & Property
  • Litigation & Disputes
Address: Ethos House, Level 2/28 Ainslie Pl, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
Phone: +61261850999
Duncan Harrington

Matthew Carmody

Matthew Carmody

Matthew Carmody provides specialist advice in the areas of property and projects, commercial advisory and structuring, dispute resolution and insolvency. His clients include local (and interstate) buyers and sellers of real property, the Commonwealth Government, Big Four accounting firms, banks and small and medium enterprises.

Specialty Interests:
  • Property and Construction Law
  • Corporate & Commercial
  • Dispute Resolution & Litigation
Address: Level 8 Civic Quarter, 68 Northbourne Ave, Canberra ACT 2600, Australia
Phone: +61261857777

⇒ John Miller

John Miller is a consultant with our Business Law team, working with us in a liaison role and assisting to further develop our construction industry practice. He has held significant roles nationally and locally including as executive director at the Canberra Business Council and Master Builders Association of the ACT as well as CEO of the Civil Contractors Federation. He has extensive experience in advocacy on behalf of the private sector to government.

Specialty Interests:
  • Building & Construction Industry
  • Business Law
Address: 43-49 Geils Ct, Deakin ACT 2600, Australia
Phone: +61262858000
John Miller

Construction Law

Construction Law under private law gives you the opportunity to fulfill your dream of owning your own house without having to buy a plot of land. Instead, annual building interest is due for using someone else’s property. In the case of building rights, the landowner grants the right to build a building on his property for several years . Here, the construction law is in the basic book registered and the landlord closes with the builder a building lease contract . The building right is salable, inheritable and limited in time.

The landowner retains the entire building rights phase his property rights and gets by the owner for the use of the foreign land a monthly or annual Bauzins . The term of the building permit is at least 10 and at most 100 years . So the building belongs to the client, at least for a while, while the land continues to belong to the landowner.

Construction law: the most important things at a glance

  • The landowner grants a builder the right to build on his property for a limited period (10 to 100 years) .
  • The client pays the landowners for the use of the property a monthly or annual Bauzins .
  • Legal security is guaranteed by an entry in the land register and a building right agreement between the two parties.
  • The building right expires after the end of the contract period if the building interest payments are in arrears by at least two years or if a termination is mutually agreed.
  • In the case of building law, the building remains in place permanently; in the case of the super-certificate, the building will be dismantled again at some point.

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