When Should You Hire a Criminal Lawyer?

There can be many unknowns when you end up on the wrong side of the law, charged with a criminal offence. You might know what you did was illegal, but the legal processes that follow might be entirely unfamiliar. 

As tempting as it can be to navigate the steps on your own, there can be value in hiring the Marietta Criminal Lawyers to take the lead. If you’re unsure when to make this important phone call, here are a few situations that might determine that now is the right time. 

As Soon As You’re Charged With a Crime

Most criminal lawyers in Melbourne are used to being relied on and called as soon as someone is charged with a crime. The earlier you receive legal representation, the easier it might be to keep your potentially incriminating statements to a minimum and begin a strategic approach to legal proceedings. Criminal lawyers understand what does and doesn’t incriminate someone, and they are skilled in providing those people with instructions on how to manage themselves when faced with life-changing charges. 

When the Stakes Are High

When you’re concerned about how much a criminal lawyer costs in Australia, it can be tempting to bypass legal representation and represent yourself in the courtroom. While doing so might save you money, it may not necessarily result in the outcome you desire. 

When the stakes are high, and there’s potential for you to receive a life-changing punishment for your crime, seeking the assistance of a criminal lawyer can be crucial. They can hold your hand throughout all legal proceedings and fight for your right to a fair outcome reflective of your crime. 

When Your Crime Is Complicated

Some criminal cases are cut and dried. You might have been caught in the process of committing a crime with clearly defined punishment terms already in place for that particular crime. However, not all crimes are this straightforward. 

There might not be strong evidence to prove your involvement, or there might have been mitigating circumstances. You might even find that a criminal case becomes more complex when more than one party is involved in the crime. When your wrongdoing is complicated, a criminal lawyer can work through the facts of the case and provide you with insight into likely and possible outcomes. 

The Other Party Has a Lawyer

If your crime involves someone else, seeking legal representation can be crucial for ensuring you stand a fighting chance of receiving the best outcome. The other party will likely be well-prepared for legal proceedings, and their lawyer will have a vast amount of knowledge to bring to the case that benefits their client. Regardless of whether you’re guilty, you are just as deserving of high-quality legal representation and a fair trial as anyone else. 

You Need the Experts

If you have been charged with a serious crime, such as murder, much can be riding on the outcome. Without a criminal lawyer by your side, you might not be able to gain access to important expert witnesses that might help your case or even change its outcome. Most criminal lawyers have connections in the industry that allow them to call upon witnesses to shed light on a range of situations. 

Even if the thought of seeking legal help for a criminal charge can be daunting, it can also be necessary. Before attempting to navigate the legal system on your own, consider how much value a criminal lawyer can bring to your case. 


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