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About Us

We provide our clients with honest, straight-talking advice with understanding and empathy. When you are going through a divorce or difficult family separation you don’t want a toothless paper tiger setting unrealistic expectations and telling you to accept the status quo.

Our approach is different and to the point, we do not follow a playbook and we leave no stone unturned to ensure we get the best possible outcome. Our lawyers have personal experience with the family court from both sides of the table – we understand the frustrations, hypocrisy and expense of family law. We get it!

A family breakdown can come as a surprise to some, we don’t want to add to those unpleasant surprises with a nasty legal bill. The Family Lawyer believes that innovation and efficiency produce results and embedding those principles in how we operate, allows us to provide fixed and alternative fee agreements ensuring cost certainty and transparency.

Our primary focus is settlement and saving money for our clients. However, if litigation is the only route to go, we stop at nothing when defending our clients because our clients are our family, and will be treated as such.

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