Best Tax Lawyer In Fairfield

Karolen Toma

Tax Lawyer

Karolen Toma Karolen has been working with G&S Law Group for almost 6 years and has been practicing

as a solicitor since 2015. Karolen practices in the areas of Family Law, Estates, Construction Law and general litigation.

David Chalmers

Tax Lawyer

David Chalmers Sarah Jones is a Legal Practitioner Director at JHK Legal. Throughout her career, she

has assisted clients in a broad range of sectors, including new business and business structuring, business sales and purchases, banking and finance, commercial litigation, contract disputes and insolvency. In 2018, Sarah was named Banking and Finance Partner of the Year by Lawyers Weekly.

Kathryn Mccormack

Tax Lawyer

Kathryn McCormack Kathryn (Katie) is a paralegal at LawBase. She is currently completing her law degree

at the University of Sydney and is interested in helping businesses get their legals sorted.

Hayley Tibbie

Tax Lawyer

Hayley Tibbie Hayley Tibbie is currently a Senior Associate at JHK Legal Sydney and has worked as a

Lawyer at JHK Legal since May 2016.Prior to working at JHK Legal, Hayley has worked in commercial litigation and commercial transaction law firms in New South Wales. Throughout her time at JHK Legal, she has assisted many clients in the areas of debt recovery, insolvency and commercial transaction law. Hayley has acted for ASX-listed corporations in commercial litigation for recovery of large debts, while also having regularly acting for clients against both, company debtors.

Anthony Sukkar

Tax Lawyer

Anthony Sukkar has almost 20 years legal industry experience and has been practicing as a Solicitor

since 2005. Anthony practices in the areas of Construction law, Contract disputes, Property law including large commercial acquisitions and sales, Estates.

Tom Pils

Tax Lawyer

Tom Pils has practised in general commercial law with a focus on litigation since 2013. He has been

responsible for numerous and varied matters in the Local, District, Supreme and Federal Courts. This has included work on breach of contract, contempt of court, trademark infringement, and defamation matters.Toms commercial practice has included the drafting and negotiation of a diverse range of commercial contracts, including service agreements, privacy policies.

Patrick Hanrahan

Tax Lawyer

Patrick Hanrahan Patrick is currently a Legal Practitioner Director and is the Chief Executive Officer

of the firm. He has over 9 years experience working across a variety of practice areas and was integral in the commencement of the firms Sydney and Melbourne practises. Patrick is truly a general practitioner in that he practises at a high level across many service areas and as such he has grown an expansive client base across Australia.

Catherine Higgins

Tax Lawyer

Catherine Higgins is a Sydney-based lawyer who is committed to providing affordable, yet highly strategic,

practical solutions for businesses. Catherine commenced her career as a paralegal – and later became a Managing Solicitor – in a boutique commercial law firm, while completing a double degree in Bachelor of Business (Management) and Bachelor of Laws at the University of Western Sydney.

Elee Luke Georges

Tax Lawyer

Elee Luke Georges has 20 years legal industry experience and has been practicing as a Solicitor since

2004. Elee practices in the areas of Construction law, Corporations Law, Criminal Law, Family Law and Administrative law.


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If you find yourself to be in a situation where finding the Best Tax Lawyer in Fairfield gets difficult, then we are here to help you out with this. Below is a list of the Best Tax Lawyer in Fairfield. To help you find the Best Tax Law Fairfield located near to you, we put together our own list based on Client reviews.

Tax Law

Tax law includes all legal norms in that relate to taxes and is therefore a branch of financial law . It thus creates clarity about rights and obligations between those subject to tax law and the bearers of tax law, the state. In a broader sense, tax law is also part of the tax administration and financial jurisdiction laws .

Application of Tax Law:

The application of the law in tax law consists – as in general law – in subsuming a specific issue under the relevant (abstract) legal fact so that a specific legal consequence or a legally permitted choice between different legal consequences (tax options, tax policy ) results. It presupposes the establishment of the facts (regulated in the AO (investigation procedure) and in the FGO (investigation of the facts and taking of evidence)) and the applicable legal norm (finding, textual criticism and interpretation).

Sub-areas of Tax Law:

Substantive tax law:- This is where the regulations of the taxable person and taxable object are determined, as well as possible tax exemptions . In addition, there is the determination of the assessment base and the tax rates for the individual types of tax.

Formal tax law:- Formal tax law determines all procedural regulations that affect tax law.

General tax law:-The legal norms applicable to all types of tax are specified here (for procedures and also for substantive tax law). You can find these regulations in the Tax Regulations (AO) and in the Assessment Act (BewG).

Special tax law:-Contains special procedural provisions that only apply to individual taxes and regulates the material tax law of the individual tax types for the various taxes.

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