Best Property Lawyer In Port Augusta

Kirsty Bennett

Property Lawyer

Kirsty Bennett started her practising life in Western Australia in the 90s. She rose quickly through

the ranks and was appointed a partner of Mony de Kerloy, commercial lawyers, in 1997. There she managed a team of lawyers and represented a range of business clients across a broad industry base – assisting with commercial transactions, commercial dispute resolution and property law matters. She also found time to complete a Master of Laws, with a focus on commercial law issues.

Richard Bradshaw

Property Lawyer

Richard Bradshaw is widely regarded as one of Australias leading practitioners in the area of Aboriginal

land rights.Starting his working life as a commercial lawyer, Richard initially practised in England and Wales. He migrated to Australia in 1978 and, after 3 years practising commercial law in Sydney, he was appointed a Senior Legal Officer (and subsequently the Principal Legal Officer) of the Pitjantjatjara Council based in Alice Springs.

Rianie Huggins

Property Lawyer

Rianie Huggins She holds various qualifications in business and law from the University of South Africa,

University of New England and the College of Law. With experience working in both private law practice and with the Legal Services Commission, Rianie has a compassionate and respectful approach to all clients and offers pragmatic advice tailored to individual circumstances.?

Deborah Hewitt

Property Lawyer

Deborahs experience in law and hospitality management ensures her clients receive both high quality

legal advice and exceptional client service. She is well known for her professionalism, attention to detail, great communication and commitment to achieving the best outcome for her clients.

Jason Bell

Property Lawyer

Jason Bell is one of the two lawyers who head up Johnston Withers family law team. He advises on all

family law matters and has wide experience in the division of property under the Family Law Act including complex superannuation issues and farming and business entities. Jason joined the firm in 2005 after over 20 years as a partner in a law firm in country Australia. That diverse experience allows him to act effectively for clients across a range of areas. It also equips him with the ability to spot an issue quickly and the judgment to help clients decide which issues to pursue.

Andrew Mitchard

Property Lawyer

Andrew Mitchard is the Managing Director of Johnston Withers and heads up the growing commercial law

team. He brings broad and valuable experience to the role. He started his practicing life as a lawyer dealing with the dual roles of tax and personal injury. He found as his clients evolved, so did he. He now practices in commercial law and commercial litigation – with a particular interest in secured debt documentation and recovery, commercial property matters, including high value transfers and commercial leasing.


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If you find yourself to be in a situation where finding the Best Property Lawyer in Port Augusta gets difficult, then we are here to help you out with this. Below is a list of the Best Property Lawyer in Port Augusta. To help you find the Best Property Law Port Augusta located near to you, we put together our own list based on Client reviews.

Property Lawyers

Property law refers to legal relationships that someone can obtain in relation to the property. These are by no means just objects to look at or touch like a television or a car. They are called Fahrnis or movable things. Property law also includes immovable property, such as land and associated rights (rights equivalent to land). You cant see or attack them, but you can own them and much more.

  • The principles of property law are
  • The principle of publicity
  • The principle of absoluteness
  • The specialty principle
  • Type constraint
  • Abstractness

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