Best Employment Lawyer In Sawtell

Laura Norman

Employment Lawyer

Laura is a Senior Associate with our Medical Law team, in our Newcastle branch. With more than a decade

of experience under her belt, she also has worked in various other areas of law, including General Litigation, Employment Law, Medical Law, Motor Vehicle Accidents and Public Liability. Passionate about helping others in need, Lauras most vital point is negotiating and will work tirelessly to get the best possible outcome for her clients.

Katrina Stouppos

Employment Lawyer

Katrina is a Senior Associate with extensive experience in niche areas of compensation law who since

2017 has been helping clients to secure the acknowledgement, justice and compensation they deserve. Katrinas primary focus is abuse law claims, where she empowers survivors of abuse to understand their rights and navigate the complex legal system. Her background in psychology is extremely valuable in her work as it enables her to anticipate the potential roadblocks to compensation for psychological injuries.

Sean Felthouse

Employment Lawyer

Sean is a Senior Solicitor in Shine Lawyers Class Actions Practice. Based in Shines Sydney office,

Sean largely works on shareholder class actions and has previously been involved in several employment cases. Sean believes it is a privilege to help everyday Australians access justice who have been wronged by businesses or government, and who may be unaware of their legal rights.

Justin Penafiel

Employment Lawyer

Justin is an experienced, understanding and highly approachable employment lawyer with a well-rounded

background in litigation, industrial relations, and HR advisory work. He is dedicated to providing a principled but practical approach to each clients employment grievance, and achieving realistic outcomes that help people move forward.

Hadi Boustani

Employment Lawyer

Hadi Boustani is a Special Counsel in Shine Lawyers Class Actions Practice. An Accredited Specialist

in commercial litigation with a primary practice in class actions, Hadi is skilled and experienced at dealing with complex, high-stakes litigation across Federal and State jurisdictions (at trial and appellate level). During his time at Shine Lawyers, Hadi has been involved in a variety of class actions across employment law (relating to the misclassification of employment status and employee entitlements), financial services and superannuation.

Callum Copland

Employment Lawyer

Callum joined the Shine Lawyers team in 2014 and has since worked predominantly in personal injury law,

litigating cases across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory. Callum is characterised by his attention to detail, legal nous, dedication and perseverance in standing up for his clients. In 2022, Callum was shortlisted as a finalist in the Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 Awards “ Dispute Resolution and Litigation category. The Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 Awards showcase the depth of talent amongst Australias ˜young gun lawyers, recognising their success and passion for the law. Being recognised as a finalist for this award was an incredible achievement for Callum and well-deserved recognition for his tireless pursuit of justice for each one of his clients.

Emily Clarke

Employment Lawyer

For Emily, the best thing about law is being able to help people in a way that feels substantial. A

quick thinker who isnt afraid of an argument, her aim is to make a noticeable difference in her clients’ lives. With a Juris Doctorate in Law from the University of NSW and a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) from University of Sydney, plus a Diploma of Legal Practice from College of Law NSW, Emily is highly educated and well-rounded. Admitted in 2016


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If you find yourself to be in a situation where finding the Best Employment Lawyer in Sawtell gets difficult, then we are here to help you out with this. Below is a list of the Best Employment Lawyer in Sawtell. To help you find the Best Employment Law Sawtell located near to you, we put together our own list based on Client reviews.

Employment Lawyer

When we think of employment law, what is often what comes to our mind is the gray area that encompasses a lot of different laws and principles that are intended to govern the way employees interact with one another and how those employees can be dealt with by their employers. The bottom line, however, is that even if the laws may seem confusing, they actually do speak loud and clear about what is legally allowed and what is not. Because no two situations are ever identical, it is important that employment law lawyers have developed the skills and expertise necessary to interpret and determine what the boundaries of those laws are so that everyone involved in employment knows what is legally allowed and what is not. This is why employment lawyers in Australia are so vital to the individual working in a job.

Employment law is governed by laws that are designed to keep employees safe and ensure that they are fairly treated, but even these laws can be very confusing. For example, while it may seem like an employer has all the right to fire an employee for any reason or no reason at all, what this means in practice is that an employee may be able to challenge this in court or try to file a suit against the employer. Even if an employee is able to present a valid argument or case against the employer, what happens next is down to a judge making the final decision.

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