Best Employment Lawyer In Carindale

Tamara Wright

Employment Lawyer

Tamara is an Associate with Shine Lawyers Dandenong, helping clients with Motor Vehicle Accident and

Workers Compensation claims. Straight-forward communication is key to Tamara, and she knows how important it is for her clients to feel confident in making fully-informed choices throughout their claims. Unnecessarily prolonged claims cause added stress for clients, so Tamara does her best to ensure her clients claims are progressed efficiently, while maximising the outcome. Tamara is vocal when it comes to important issues, particularly around road safety. She has presented seminars and co-authored academic pieces around driverless cars and accident compensation. On topics like driver distraction and road quality, she has raised awareness through her expert commentary to media outlets.

Tahmina Jamall

Employment Lawyer

Tahmina is a Senior Associate based in our Epping office who helps people that have been injured at

work or while on the road access the justice and compensation they deserve. Inspired to become a lawyer by her keen interest in social justice, Tahmina is passionate about fighting for the rights of everyday people; especially the most vulnerable members in our community. Tahmina is a passionate and empathetic legal practitioner who does not shy away from a difficult case.

Gabrielle Verhagen

Employment Lawyer

Based in Shines Melbourne office, Gabrielle is a Senior Solicitor in our Abuse Law team who is driven

to give a voice to survivors of abuse and ensure they receive the acknowledgement, justice and compensation they deserve. After experiencing the compensation claims process in her personal life through her mothers WorkCover claim, Gabrielle was inspired to become a lawyer so that she could help injured people through their legal journey.

Christian Tomaino

Employment Lawyer

Christian is a Solicitor in our Epping office whose focus is on helping people who were injured on the

road or while at work to access the justice and compensation they deserve. From a young age, Christian took pride and found fulfillment in helping others through volunteer work and engaging with his local community. He was then inspired to become a lawyer as it presented the opportunity to stand up for those who need it most.

Christian Janev

Employment Lawyer

Christian is a Solicitor in our expert team of Personal Injury Lawyers who helps people that have been

injured while at work or on the road to secure the compensation they deserve. Driven by the desire to help people going through hardships, Christian works hard to ensure each client is provided with some peace of mind.

Linda Luc

Employment Lawyer

Based in our Melbourne branch, Linda joins our compassionate and tenacious Medical Law team. She has

experience in many areas of Personal Injury Law, including Public Liability, property damage, Abuse Law, Commercial Litigation, Insurance Law and Motor Vehicle Accident claims. Before becoming a lawyer, Linda also practised as an Orthopaedic and Trauma nurse at the Royal Melbourne Hospital for 8 years.


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If you find yourself to be in a situation where finding the Best Employment Lawyer in Carindale gets difficult, then we are here to help you out with this. Below is a list of the Best Employment Lawyer in Carindale. To help you find the Best Employment Law Carindale located near to you, we put together our own list based on Client reviews.

Employment Lawyer

When we think of employment law, what is often what comes to our mind is the gray area that encompasses a lot of different laws and principles that are intended to govern the way employees interact with one another and how those employees can be dealt with by their employers. The bottom line, however, is that even if the laws may seem confusing, they actually do speak loud and clear about what is legally allowed and what is not. Because no two situations are ever identical, it is important that employment law lawyers have developed the skills and expertise necessary to interpret and determine what the boundaries of those laws are so that everyone involved in employment knows what is legally allowed and what is not. This is why employment lawyers in Australia are so vital to the individual working in a job.

Employment law is governed by laws that are designed to keep employees safe and ensure that they are fairly treated, but even these laws can be very confusing. For example, while it may seem like an employer has all the right to fire an employee for any reason or no reason at all, what this means in practice is that an employee may be able to challenge this in court or try to file a suit against the employer. Even if an employee is able to present a valid argument or case against the employer, what happens next is down to a judge making the final decision.

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